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wipe your feet really well on the rythym rug

5 May
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8th graders, a tribe called quest, acid mothers temple, adam and the ants, agnosticism, andrew wk, anti-capitalism, anti-speciesism, antonin dvorak, aphex twin, art, ashley, baseck, beating up scenesters, becky, black ox orkestar, black panthers, blackalicious, boards of canada, bob dylan, bob marley, breakcore, bunnies, buzzcocks, charles bukowski, che guevara, chicks on speed, current 93, darkthrone, dead kennedys, dead milkmen, dead prez, drop the lime, elitism, elliott smith, emily, emmylou harris, ender's game, eric dolphy, erik petersen, ernest hemingway, exploding hearts, gangstarr, grace, happy endings, hellfish, hermitism, hip hop, hippies, hipsters, homeward bound, horrorpops, huey p., human league, iced tea, individualism, iron and wine, iron maiden, johnny cash, kings of leon, kraftwerk, lauri, lee perry, libraries, manitoba, mf doom, miles davis, misanthrope, missy elliott, neil perry, neko case, nekromantix, notorious b.i.g, orson scott card, ove-naxx, pandas, patti smith, plastic bertrand, quiet, radiohead, reading, roxy music, rufus wainwright, ruins, silence, siouxie and the banshees, socialism, soft cell, somatic responses, speedcore, squarepusher, sylvia plath, temporary insanity, the (international) noise conspiracy, the advantage, the chinese stars, the locust, the microphones, the roots, the shins, the smiths, the sounds, the unicorns, the wrens, tonedeff, triphop, unicorns and rainbows, usaisamonster, venetian snares, victor hugo, voltaire, wilco, wolfsheim, wu-tang clan, wyclef, yann tiersen, zao